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SISTECOIN has a range developed for extinguishing fires caused by small and centralized systems instantly and effectively, such as vehicles, electrical panels, industrial machinery, etc ...


The Fireline tube is used in a multitude of destinations , with various configurations

Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, universities, individual kitchens, collective kitchens, vehicles, telecommunications, electrical panels, data centers, archives, industrial machinery, motors. These extinguishing systems can be designed at low or high pressure depending on the extinguishing agent.

DIRECT EXTINTION: Formed by cylinder, valve, fitting clamping FIRELINE detector tube and end of line. The FIRELINE detector tube is used as a detector and a system of agent discharge. The increase of temperature breaks the tube creating a perfect cylindrical hole that serves as diffuser discharging the extinguishing agent directly onto the source of the fire. This system is ideal for enclosed spaces below 1 m3. INDIRECT EXTINTION: Composed of cylinder, valve, fitting, tube FIRELINE detector, end of line, diffusers and manual shooting. The FIRELINE detector tube is used as a detector only, firing valve and discharging extinguishing agent through the diffuser. The temperature rise breaks the tube, actuating the valve by pressure difference, discharging the extinguishing agent by diffusers located on the risk. This system is ideal for closed volumes between 1 and 5 m3.



In SISTECOIN we work every day to offer a good service and the most competitive products in the market. From this desire of improvement was born SISTECOIN, a new products company dedicated to automatic fire extintion.