10 tips you have to know before to prevent fire at your restaurant

When you are business owner, you are always worried about the security: worried about your business, about your employees and mainly about your customers. One of the most risks can contract is a hostelier. In a restaurant you are working with fire and with flammable liquids so it is really important to have a fire- extinguishing system safety and highly developed.

Also we must learn to prevent unexpected risks. You can get it working through a cleaning service and organizing the restaurant each day.

For this reason, we let you read this infography with the objective of you learn to prevent risks in a restaurant kitchen:

  1. Renew the instalaciones for avoid they will not be in poor conditions.

  2. Do not use portable electrical appliances.

  3. If you use gas cylinders, store them correctly.

  4. Do not smoking in working area.

  5. Cleaning in the kitchen is a must. Fat accumulation becomes a highly flammable component.

  6. Avoid accumulation of trash, papers, etc.

  7. Keep tablecloths, aprons and rags completely clean.

  8. Check the equipment: gas leakage, oil frying pans, etc.

  9. Explain to your team the switch’s handle.

  10. Hoists and air conditioning can be a risk factor.